There’s an old meme that comes to mind as I type.

It describes a new atrocity with the …. don’t jump to conclusions … and …. follows it with “…. the Muslim did it”

Part of me truly wishes the Muslim had done it.  Shocking I know, but breath and let me explain.

We understand extreme ideologies and let’s be clear acts of violence like this done for ideological reasons are not done by run of the mill devotees but those that have been radicalized.  The great advantage we have over this type of terror is that we for the most part can with enough money and focus dig out those radical factors, watch them and stop them.

Over the last three years I have become more and more concerned about the disenfranchised of our society.  Western society.  When I see posts like “My son is a future rapist” or the regular trite posts on how all men are in some way evil according to modern feminists, I despair.  Why can’t we see that we are eating our own?

What I see and what I hear as I grab lost souls I meet in the ether that is our social media network is truly frightening.

Yes, I wish that yesterday’s perpetrator of mass murder had been a rabid Islamic jihadist.  That would have been far less terrifying.


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