seroquel vs medical marijuana


Medical Marijuana and PTSD

So. Weed. Ganja, dope, grass, pot, blunts, splifs, spleefs, the herb, marry jane,  etc.  Or Cannabis.  Lets talk about it. My experience with marijuana was four incidents ever in my life without a prescription.  I say marijuana because I’m talking about the times I did not ingest it medically.  That’s now in the thousands as medicinal cannabis.  But yes, I’m not going to waste your time with the Bill Clinton “I didn’t inhale” bullshit.  But it also wasn’t something I was all that familiar with.  And I never took it once out of pressure.  I was the guy that my buddies eventually stopped offering it to because I never said yes.  Of the four times, once was in Amsterdam where it was legal, once was in brownies I ate unknowingly while already drunk at a party (yes should have known but wasn’t thinking) and that one almost took me down. …