relationships and ptsd


Should I stay or should I go? PTSD relationships

My doctor (the one I trust after the first bunch of quacks I was given proved to be useless) told me that while dealing with an operational stress injury, now is not the time for monumental change.  Keep smoking, keep drinking , keep doing weed ( if you do those things) , and then try to stabilize , and then try apply some moderation, and then possibly begin to talk about eliminating some of the negatives.   Don’t quit your job, don’t sell your house, don’t ditch relationships.  Yet.  After some stability, if the stressor is persistent then of course do consider getting rid of it. Kate’s comment: why do Brian and I so often refer to psychiatrists and psychologists as “quacks”?  Because frankly there are a hell of a lot of quacks in the MH profession and not nearly enough oversight weeding them out.  It is extremely frustrating to…