PTSD Treatments and Therapies

As most who follow my art and blogs know I have had Complex PTSD from early childhood.  It wasn’t until the West had been at war in the Middle East for over a decade that the treatments for PTSD took centre stage in public health.  Finally, we are seeing real progress in the treatment and prevention of trauma not just in those who serve but in those who have been exposed to significant life altering trauma that historically has left us disabled, unable to function and locked in isolation. In my next post I am going to write more on NEUROCIRCULATORY ASTHENIA or as Mendez Da Costa (1833-1900) called it “irritable heart”.  PTSD isn’t simply an injury to the brain it affects our entire bodies, especially our electrics, our auto-immune systems and ultimately, I believe it can kill us.  This post however will focus on the MOOD DISORDER/PSYCHOLGOICAL aspects of…