national post fails mental health


National Post abuses position to Stigmatize PTSD

How do we stand here and say, “Come forward, there is no Stigma anymore.  You’ll be okay if you ask for help.” and then read a post like that in the National Post this month on PTSD Service dogs being a fashion item and worse, calling those with PTSD Service dogs frauds.  How do you think this is going to play out for those out there with PTSD thinking about asking for help or debating whether to trust another human with their inner most secrets? Brian Here.  Yesterday’s era of reporters would never have put this garbage out there to begin with.  That’s regardless of the topic.  In the day when there was the noon hour news, and the six o clock news from 2 or 3 different station editors… well you know….. edited.  They threw out crap.  Multiple instances of crap would result in a firing.  Now, editors largely…