friendship and PTSD


Friendships & PTSD: should I talk about it with new friends?

This is a question I have been asked quite a lot and most recently from a friend who has scars from cutting.  When you meet somebody you think may become a friend do you blurt it out?  Tell all.  Get it over with: rather than investing time in this person only to see them dash away when they found out, maybe just get it over with now? It’s taken me a while to read on this subject, think on it and work out how to answer. The first thing I looked at is why do we have friends?  Is it important?  And if so, why. Intuitively we all understand that we require human contact, we are programmed to be part of a herd not a solitary hunter.  More than this studies show that human closeness is FUNDAMENTAL to our mental well-being, the lack of it we term “loneliness” may not…