employment after release


Brian McKenna on Employment Questions: “So, what do you do now?”

I’ve answered this one a thousand ways. It is by far, my most hated question to answer in the world of mental health. It’s also one of the clearest ways to see that the stigma of mental health issues is still alive and well. After all, you’re not reeeeeeally injured per se, right? I mean you are, sure, but not like those guys missing limbs? Kate’s comment: Brian visibly freezes when asked this question, his shoulders hunch and he stares at his feet.  The first time I saw his reaction from across the room but hadn’t heard the question; I tend to watch his body language without even realizing it.  Don’t underestimate the impact this topic has on your man’s psyche and his view of himself. I learned when I was first using my PTSD service dog, that you need some answers in a can. You need 5 or 6…