Depression and How to Survive it

January is here. My last year has been, in hindsight, one of the most stressful of my existence which is saying something.  A lot of it brought up buried memories of awful domestic warfare, a mother who psychologically crippled her son (my brother), abused me and the whole awful dysfunction of a family that had lived through, fought in, somewhat survived an African civil war only to arrive in Ireland without any psychological help or intervention: the living in a toxic atmosphere I swore I’d never experience again even at arm’s length.  One of the reasons I walk away from people is to protect myself from seeing this sort of behaviour: not supportive of me, but necessary for my MH.  I am explaining this to you because you need to know that I have  lived with depression, suicide and all that fun stuff from a tiny child.  It is this…

#PTSDChat Making Sense of Depression

Suffering is what makes us human. It isn’t in our brightest moments that our humanity can be measured but by the depth of our pain. I have the honour of meeting and chatting with incredibly powerful, strong and courageous men and women.  They have fought hard in life, some in combat fields, others on streets, still others in their lives simply to survive.  It is the warriors who struggle most with what modern society calls the Black Dog of Depression.  It hits them as a monumental failure to feel so very locked inside a dark cave, what I call the Shadowlands.  There is a penchant within society, a desire so strong it is to me comical, to find a scientific reason, meaning, cure for all things we experience.  One major textbook of psychiatry famously announced that “the cause of all mental illness is now considered an aberration of the brain,…