One Day in the Sandbox for Don Sorochan

Don Sorochan is a renowned defence and constitutional Canadian lawyer who happened to have a couple of neighbours who’s kids were blown up, shot up or damaged whilst serving for the Canadian Armed Forces.  He was horrified to discover just how little Canada cares for those who have served when they become useless and injured. He decided to do something about it. So EQUITAS was born and a fight for Canadian Armed Forces personnel began that has seen Don work tirelessly, alongside his old firm Miller Thomson, for the fair treatment of Canadian men and women over the last five years. I wanted him to have something that told the story of those men and women he fights for.  And this, as best as I could do, is it. (Sorochanlaw.com – for more details of his incredible man) The day I tried to represent in this piece was…

Top TEN Cheatsheet to Make a PTSD Brain Feel Better

A top ten cheatsheet to make the PTSD brain feel 2% better; maybe. For me anyhow. I’ve heard most of the claims.  Not all I’m sure, as someone will probably have a PTSD drink on the market soon.  I can just see it now.  It will be the shamwow guy telling you that with “simply taking 3 of these pills today and a shake made of kale and beetle piss, we can cure your PTSD!”. But I’ve pretty much heard it all, including the low of the low being a doctor walking around a veteran fundraiser handing out business cards claiming that he can completely cure everybody of PTSD with 5 sessions of EMDR with him. Only him though.  I’ve heard that equine (horse) therapy is dogshit and doesn’t work, from a guy peddling a dog program.  Likewise I’ve heard that its the best thing ever from a guy running…