are psychotropic drugs responsible for school shootings


Psychiatric Drugs simply correlated to mass murders or the cause?

This issue has been troubling me for a number of years as I supported those who reached out to me through #PTSDChat or my art page I became more and more concerned that the psychiatric drugs those struggling with mental health challenges were put on were more harmful than helpful, and in some instances, the cause of suicides.   To poke the bear I recently posted on my FaceBook an aggressive, biased and extreme video produced by a group that is focused on annihilating what they see as the evil of Psychiatry.   It worked a treat and I am grateful to all those who joined in on the debate; interestingly all those who commented were adamantly opposed to the concept that psychotropic drugs were anything other than helpful and important. I have the following diagnosed issues: Hemiplegic migraines which appear to be a stroke with paralysis of my right…