Anger and PTSD


Anger gives you WINGS

There is a magical power in anger.  It pulsates, throbs in my veins.  I feel so strong, powerful and I could strangle you with my pinkie. “What is this I’m feeling?  It’s like I can fly.  Not fly.  Punch.  Holes in the universe.  What’s going on?” Literally this is what I asked my therapist as she unbuttoned the lid that was keeping me locked in my own personal hell.  The place I’d been in since childhood, as the machine guns fired and the screams echoed, I had remained static: numb.  This feeling that came from somewhere I had no idea I possessed gave me a strength I equally did not know I possessed.  It ripped through my body and brain like an electric charge, filling my mind with an energy that seemed to be at once dangerous and beautiful. Anger. Rage. Anger gives us the ability to cope with life’s…