Life After PTSD

One of the things I noticed in the world of mental health advocacy is that maintaining relevancy for the cause, apparently, requires us to remain broken. Broken?  The same cop stands up and tells the same story: it happened 15 years ago and in that time he’s had 100’s of hours of counseling but it still keeps him locked.  Trapped?  His service dog is still a crutch he needs to be in public or to speak.  The PTSD/Depression/Addictions/MH Whatever book is released and suddenly a trip back to the emergency is on the cards, with full social media fanfare.  The veteran angrily defends his right to be, well, angry.  The stereotypes dance and my brain rejects the entire display. As I watched the dance and listened to the babble of the broken, I began to realize that once somebody has stepped onto the Mental Health wheel of fortune it is…