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Living with a mental health problem pretty much from birth but knowing that there was no cure, only symptoms could be alleviated and on absolutely no account should I ever admit to the things I saw that weren’t real, sounds I heard as a child that remained trapped in the echoes of my brain, on and on the ghosts haunted me at every waking and sleeping moment, was lonely and isolating.  That isolation and loneliness was a pain I would save others from if I could.

PTSDChat was born from this wish to save others the pain of feeling utterly alone in their mental anguish.

I wanted a place that was anonymous and free, supportive and kind.  Informative and inviting.  A coming together for all people regardless of ethnicity, culture, country, job, experiences.   Twitter and Rebecca Kerswell provided the solution and it became a beautiful thing that is now a strong, vibrant, independent community run by incredible people who have all walked the walk and now lend a hand to others.

Hope: Hold On Pain Ends

Suicide is an ever present companion of many mental health issues.  Once we accept this basic fact the “scary” is removed.  As with so many of the horrendous issues that come with PTSD knowing that sexual dysfunction is a direct gift from the toxic pharmaceuticals given to alleviate the symptoms, can save lives.  Nothing is off limits for the #PTSDChat community.  Bare bones, raw truths and support.

I wish I knew back then what I know now.  Understanding that pain can end, that life can be survived and that light can replace the darkness would have meant so much.