Abstract HORSE


I often offer a commission to Fund Raisers I believe in or care about.  This COMMISSION came about from one of those fund raisers.

Abstract art is a journey not a destination.

I feel that abstract art created solely with a view to the “look” of form and colour is soulless.  The sort of thing one picks up from any Home Store including IKEA.  It has to be a demonstration of abstract thought given colour and form.

So, this is likely but the first canvas done before I find the one that works for the lady who commissioned it.  The question I asked in this was “What is a horse?”   I believe for me at least, this canvas answers that question.  But you’d probably have to live with it a while to understand.  It is heavy and thick with paintings within paintings.  A constant movement of strength and power.

The almost photograph like head on the left I did on heavy sandpaper with pastels, to give an x-ray like feeling, as if one could see within.  The eyes are soulful and majestic, soft and sad, all knowing and beautiful.  I stare at it and see so many of my own beloved horses in that ethereal image.

The colours and the textures speak to my experience of horses, the things we have done together.   The bumps bruises and laughs. the external horse is painted over three other images of horses in varying movements.  The leg belongs to a painting that is hidden underneath but gives a sense of the explosive nature of horses.

It is a magical piece that will tease and question for a lifetime.


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