Art by Kate

Yes my art is hanging in pubic spaces and it is sought after.

Then why don't you charge more?

Because I believe that art should be touched by children and touch the hearts, souls, minds of all people, regardless of age.  That isn't going to happen if my art costs $'000s.  When I'm dead you can sell it for whatever you wish, but until then I wish it to be with the person it is painted for, to describe their journey, their story or simply to create a sense of peace, a safe place to go.

Those who purchase art from me (which sadly usually is a commission as I rarely have a piece that doesn't belong to somebody) you are sponsoring my pro-bono work for others who are not currently in a financial position to purchase or for hospitals, mental health units, etc.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to doing something uniquely created for you and yours.

If I were to distil my theory of art into three sentences these would be they:

What is the difference between art and a pretty picture?  For me it is the difference between carrying that image or a piece of that image in your psyche, emotionally or intellectually and walking away without it requiring any thought or feeling.

In other words, art comes from deep within our souls, it reaches back into the pantheon our existence and forward into that which we cannot see.  It connects us like the ethereal strings of electric beings that I believe us to be.

Art is simply all there is.

To create a piece for another is a gift I shall never take for granted.  Art requires neither fame nor fortune, it simply needs to exist, to be created and to be viewed, understood individually and uniquely by each of us.  It allows us to place that which is too heavy to carry on a wall, safely and solidly placed but no longer part of our burden.  Once it exists it has no owner, only those that watch it.