Tell me a story, Mummy.

A story from when you were the same size as me.

Tell me a story, Mummy.

A story from when you were just like me.


When I was a little girl in Africa,

I met a Giraffe

Who said with a laugh

“I want to drive a bright red sports car.”


He said, “I want to drive fast.”

Stamping his hoof, “I can do it!”

Stamping my foot, “You won’t fit.”

I said, “You’re just too vast!”


But he would not listen

This knock kneed nelly

With the polka dot belly

He was simply on a mission,

To find an ignition,

For his life’s ambition:

To have driven

In a bright red sports car.

That really is going far, too far.


So I wandered away,

I simply could not stay.

Now imagine my surprise

I could not believe my eyes

When the very next day, who should wave “Hey!”?


As he sped passed me in his bright red sports car!

The Giraffe

With a laugh

He found his car at the Baboon Bazaar!


And there I stood:

Two hooves poked out

Like little tea spouts

From the little red hood.


Then he was gone,

Off to town,

With a smile and a wave,

That Giraffe

with a laugh.

No chance he’ll behave!



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