Commission My Art

There is nothing more powerful than to work with another to create a piece of art that captures their vision, their truth.

Whether it is a landscape, a portrait (abstract or realistic), a dog or horse, even the bottom of a giraffe with his head stuck between his legs (for my youngest daughter, Gypsy) it is the greatest honour I get to experience as an artist.

I do not believe that art should be unattainable, expensive beyond reach.  I do my best to keep my costs to a minimum and charge for materials, delivery and somewhat the hours spent on the piece.  I work with oils, acrylics, pastels, pencils and multi-media to create the piece that speaks to the individual I am working for.  I never deliver until I know in my heart that it is "right" - this can be frustrating for some, but worth the wait.  The process is always inclusive and I do my best to keep you posted on how it is going.

Depending on the size of the piece (canvas, paper, wood) I charge between $100 to $400 for my time.

For more details, click the button that best pertains to you:


To get started is pretty simple, just drop me a line and we go from there.