Stories Told in ART by Kate


These are paintings and pieces of art Kate has done for those who wish to either move forward from their past, leaving the canvas to carry it or to remember the significant moments, souls of their lives. It includes not only portraits of people but also beloved pets and animals, each piece is unique and moving.

Courage, Humility and Survival: one SAR Captain’s painting

There is something not quite normal about pilots. Jimmy Aitken was one of the few of my father’s friends that I truly loved and enjoyed.  He joined the RAF during WWII at 15, and in Rhodesia he alternately flew my father around or other  troops.  Famously he was known to “cheer the boys up” after a particularly bad encounter by flying under Birchenough Bridge (you can google it, it’s a suspension bridge in Manicaland Zimbabwe, south of what was Umtali and is now Mutare).  When the floods hit there’s not a lot of space to fly a transport bird between water and bridge metal.  The “boys” learnt to laugh and talk animatedly when Jimmy was their pilot. My father was being taken to look at some targets in Mozambique during the Rhodesian Bush War (much of the war was fought not in Zimbabwe but in Mozambique) as they flew over…

Matisse Inspired Dog Portrait: friendship in chaos

This commission of Jade, a beautiful chocolate brown labrador, is for a young lady who has been through her share of life’s difficulties.  Matisse lost his ability to paint in the last ten years of his life which inspired him to seek out other avenues of creation: this was the start of what are now iconic cut outs. For me the cut outs are a symbol of human triumph over adversity.  They signify the struggles in life and are bright beautiful tokens of belief in the our ability to overcome.  I placed Jade in the centre of the chaos as she is in life, a friend that can be counted on no matter what.  I hope I captured the intensity of her eyes when she looks up at her human Mom.

One Day in the Sandbox for Don Sorochan

Don Sorochan is a renowned defence and constitutional Canadian lawyer who happened to have a couple of neighbours who’s kids were blown up, shot up or damaged whilst serving for the Canadian Armed Forces.  He was horrified to discover just how little Canada cares for those who have served when they become useless and injured. He decided to do something about it. So EQUITAS was born and a fight for Canadian Armed Forces personnel began that has seen Don work tirelessly, alongside his old firm Miller Thomson, for the fair treatment of Canadian men and women over the last five years. I wanted him to have something that told the story of those men and women he fights for.  And this, as best as I could do, is it. ( – for more details of his incredible man) The day I tried to represent in this piece was…

Corrections Officer: Danno, the portrait of a man who served

Have restarted this portrait. Often when I do a portrait whether it is as a landscape, realistic or abstract it will take  a few attempts. Friends lose their minds with me when I pick up work I’ve studied and patiently tweaked for weeks, ripping it to shreds.  I’ve had friends try to sneak out pieces that I dislike.  I often look at some pieces around the world of Picasso’s and feel immensely sorry for him, he never intended all his scratches and musings to be hung as if they were his masterpiece. Danno is a complicated man. We were introduced on FB and have been firm friends for a while now.  Danno has Complex PTSD from his years of service as a Corrections Officer for Canada.  His story is one that I hope is repeated less, and less often as we educate others on PTSD but it is all too…