Kate Gillie



The National Post on March 4, 2018 stated that “there is a fashion among veterans with post traumatic stress disorder for having therapy dogs accompany them in public places.  Mind you, we are not supposed to call them “therapy dogs”.  That is an insulting term, one that hints that these animals are not as serious, and might not be eligible for the same legal and social deference, as trained dogs for the blind, physically disabled, or cognitively compromised.” They didn’t stop there, calling a PTSD service dog a fashion accessory wasn’t enough for them they went further to claim that there is no scientific evidence to back up these “therapeutic dogs”, they even ridiculed a hero amongst Canadian Veterans, Medric Cousineau, who has tirelessly championed service dogs for vets with PTSD and found Brian’s, Sasha. As most of you know Brian’s dog Sasha is the reason he was able to…

Night Terrors and Nightmares

It was hardly surprising that children exposed to the trauma we were would develop abnormal sleep patterns: night terrors, sleep walking, etc.   With no adult willing to step in and provide us with the care, support and psychological counselling we needed we came up with our own coping mechanisms.  Some were more successful than others. My brother sleep walked.  When he did he often got himself into dangerous situations so I was in the habit (we slept in the same room when we were together) of tying his foot when he was asleep to mine so that I’d be woken if he wandered off in his sleep.  Initially this worked but I must have become tired and grumpy which is why I yanked back on the tether which had him flying face first into the wall.  My bad. Brian here.  One of the other areas this rears its head…

Psychiatric Drugs simply correlated to mass murders or the cause?

This issue has been troubling me for a number of years as I supported those who reached out to me through #PTSDChat or my art page I became more and more concerned that the psychiatric drugs those struggling with mental health challenges were put on were more harmful than helpful, and in some instances, the cause of suicides.   To poke the bear I recently posted on my FaceBook an aggressive, biased and extreme video produced by a group that is focused on annihilating what they see as the evil of Psychiatry.   It worked a treat and I am grateful to all those who joined in on the debate; interestingly all those who commented were adamantly opposed to the concept that psychotropic drugs were anything other than helpful and important. I have the following diagnosed issues: Hemiplegic migraines which appear to be a stroke with paralysis of my right…

Matisse Inspired Dog Portrait: friendship in chaos

This commission of Jade, a beautiful chocolate brown labrador, is for a young lady who has been through her share of life’s difficulties.  Matisse lost his ability to paint in the last ten years of his life which inspired him to seek out other avenues of creation: this was the start of what are now iconic cut outs. For me the cut outs are a symbol of human triumph over adversity.  They signify the struggles in life and are bright beautiful tokens of belief in the our ability to overcome.  I placed Jade in the centre of the chaos as she is in life, a friend that can be counted on no matter what.  I hope I captured the intensity of her eyes when she looks up at her human Mom.