So on Sunday after Church I felt a little contemplative.  I loved the pastors discussion about the meaning of Pentecost; how drunk on joy the apostles were, how they ran out into the streets blathering in any number of languages.  The whole so joyful and how different from the austere, naval gazing churches of today who take themselves so seriously.  How little it matters what creed, colour or code we claim to be ours so long as we at our hearts understand the message from God: one of love, inclusion of all mankind, forgiveness and kindness, compassion and empathy.


So I tweeted:


If instead of God you think Love: Salvation not Condemnation; Humility, Empathy, Kindness & Love; No Creed Superior; All Equal.  This is my faith.


Imagine my surprise a little later when I received a tweet from a @MinouNoireLover telling me (graphically) that God does not love America (in response it seems to a beautiful tweet from @GritFire).  This on my best day would get me a tad feisty (red headed tempers are not to be trifled with) but on Memorial Sunday, it was a shot and anybody shooting at me had better be prepared to die.

I politely replied with “I think God cares Deeply [about America]”  To which I received a respectable “Why do you think he does?”

“The dream that is America is like none other.  I have lived in the anarchy you would visit upon the world.  It is pure horror.”

You can imagine the interesting response I got to that one.  Still I marched on, hoping to trample some semblance of the America I see and love into his nom de guerre head.

“To see it now bitten by a strange apologist nothing.  Empty.  Is heart breaking.  America is a dream worth protecting.”

Clearly getting a tad under his wee furry bits, things got a little less sanguine and a little more tantrum-like.

I asked him if he’d ever lived in a war zone or had seen what anarchy really looked like.   I also asked him, since he was throwing around some fairly harsh insults on my lack of education, if he’d read the thoughts and wishes of the forefathers.

Apparently all the forefathers were slave owners and that makes them rubbish.

Adams?  Seriously?  Who even in their ignorance can throw that around?  Honestly it’s a little tragic.


It got better.

“Bible Thumping, Fox News Retard” – that’s me, according to my new best friend and wanna be anarchist (although I’m not entirely sure he has a clue what that means).

“I never watch t.v.  I haven’t since 9/11 and watched one of my friends fall to his death as others rushed in to save him, knowing they faced certain harm and a terrible death.”

“Would you have run into those towers?” I asked but received no reply.  Obviously the answer is No, because individuals like this care only for destroying never for building, supporting or producing.  Never mind laying down their lives so that others might live.


My lovely ‘educated’ friend claimed to be a well rounded individual citing a couple of philosophers including Thoreau.  So I responded from thence on in French and Latin.  Both languages his philosophic heroes were adept at.


To which I got “I don’t understand that dialect and my Twitter translator can’t either.”


Well, honestly.  Where are the great minds?  The insightful interesting thinkers gone?  The world according the Apologists who would see America stripped of her greatness are run by buffoons like this who can no longer understand that having a FRENCH (!) nom de guerre and then not actually even being able to recognize it as a language is tragic.

Nam homo proponit, sed Deus disponit.

(Men think they create, but all is by God’s design.)


Interesting to note that one Patriot contacted me privately concerned for my safety; having herself been the subject of online terror attacks etc from the likes of this individual.  At what point is enough, enough?  At what point do you take America back from this ridiculous hellbent fall into oblivion?  Wake Up America, indeed.


I believe in America it would seem more than some Americans.  Have you no idea how precious you are; how many in the world would trade their lives to allow their children the chance at the American dream?  Shaking head.  So sad.  And for the record, I will never forget Benghazi – stuff like that from those in the White House should never be tolerated, accepted or forgiven.  It is just this sort of betrayal that leads to the empowerment of the small and petty.  But what would I know?  I am a bona fide Bible Thumping Fox New Retard.



Kate Gillie

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