Veteran PTSD


Top TEN Cheatsheet to Make a PTSD Brain Feel Better

A top ten cheatsheet to make the PTSD brain feel 2% better; maybe. For me anyhow. I’ve heard most of the claims.  Not all I’m sure, as someone will probably have a PTSD drink on the market soon.  I can just see it now.  It will be the shamwow guy telling you that with “simply taking 3 of these pills today and a shake made of kale and beetle piss, we can cure your PTSD!”. But I’ve pretty much heard it all, including the low of the low being a doctor walking around a veteran fundraiser handing out business cards claiming that he can completely cure everybody of PTSD with 5 sessions of EMDR with him. Only him though.  I’ve heard that equine (horse) therapy is dogshit and doesn’t work, from a guy peddling a dog program.  Likewise I’ve heard that its the best thing ever from a guy running…