Honey Badger & Baboons: a modern day parable

The honey badger sat outside her den, behind her the lion lay wounded and bleeding.  His cubs were close by as were her own two honey badgerly kits.  She watched as the fat baboon approached, with its sloping waddle and bright pink bum displaying a gentle sheen of sweat in the African mid-day sun. The honey badger didn’t move.  Didn’t speak.  Simply watched. The baboon hunched low and took a massive poop.  Picked up her poop and slung it at the honey badger.  Laughing, cackling and screaming, the baboon pranced around the patch of veld in front of the honey badger’s home where she sat blocking access to her strange little family. The next day the baboon returned with another baboon.  The baboon’s mother.  They both scrunched down in the red African sand, took massive poops and slung it at the honey badger.  The honey badger said nothing.  The honey…