#PTSDChat: Summary Thursday, 14 May

I forget sometimes that PTSD/TBI is a mental health issue that is surrounded by so much STIGMA and risk attached to admitting you have it.  I vomit up my flashbacks, experiences and paint it all for the world to see because to do so frees me from them (my ghosts) – apparently I’ve forgotten that not everybody has the freedom  to do that.  Which is why I messed up asking this week’s question: specifically aimed at Veterans it asked how the transition back to civilian life triggered their PTSD.  From now on, subjects will be loose and free, without a specific agenda other than to inform, create networks of support and a forum for discussion without fear. I’m not an alpha but I do feel an incredible urge to speed up this process. Get out there and save lives.  I hear this ticking and it feels like each…