Corrections Officer Portrait

We met through a relation of his. Kate, he said, you’re going to get on great with … Why? Because you’re just as much of a … Kind of kidding.  And really kind of not. What does a career in Corrections do to you?  Do you come out of the end of it and see the world as a Disney paradise?  Yes.  Yes of course you do.  Just like ANTIFA are all about peace, love and acceptance of all races. Oops. Danno is a man who fights the demons of his experience.  I often lose my shit when I read one more ignorant article on “segregation”.  I would very much like to put every single (so called) journalist into the general population of a prison with one of those they have adamantly “fought” to be put… in the general population. Good luck you idiot journalist.  Do you really think corrections…