2017 Remembrance Day Veteran’s Day Connections Giveaway

Every year I try to do something, a small gesture of gratitude, for those who have given all for their country, for others.  This is a particularly significant time of the year for me; it often cripples me such that I find it hard to communicate much for the week after, this year was no different and in some ways, worse. My idea this year was to change the narrative on trauma and survival.  Rather than asking others to tell their stories of horror and trauma, I asked to hear stories of survival and reconnecting. Isolation and alienation are the two most dangerous feelings in the world. They are, I believe, at the root of mass shootings, suicides, a lot of mental health issues and auto-immune challenges. I was going to have one “winner”.  The stories of courage, strength, survival I received left me floored, literally: I may have fainted…