Ever stood there and tried really hard to understand why you should care?

I look around and am surrounded by lots of empathetic faces, real concern expressed in almost furrowed foreheads (they would crease but the wrinkles have left with Mr Botox), a sigh here and a stifled sob there.  Yet I just stand there.  Unable to feel anything.  There is a pause in the conversation and all eyes are turned towards me.  I need to dig deep and find someway to express my horror and empathy.  Holy god save me.  So I pinch myself really hard and say, “Oh my god, that’s awful.  Really.  How did you cope?”

The tears in my eyes are genuine.  Not from the pinch but from the sheer enormity of the realization that I am simply not Normal, nor will I ever be.

The tragedy of a purse with a yoghurt drink spilled in it simply passes me by.  I cannot connect with this level of pain.  It is clearly there and obviously as with so much of what passes for normal life, it simpy doesn’t register in my certifiably whacked brain.

Then I realized something.

You’ll have to watch the video to hear what I worked out.  Light bulb moment.


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