The Child


The truth is that not all of us are born into a home that is safe.  I was born into a world of pain, the parents who should have protected me, did not.  A sister who should have loved me, hurt and abused me. A war raged around me and I watched people die; terrible, brutal deaths.  This world taught me to hate.  Taught me that nobody could be trusted.  It fed me bitterness, ugly and disgust.

But I am more than that.  I am a watcher.  I believe in the world because I see not the destruction, but the ones who run to stop it.  I see not the murderer but the one who stops him.  I see not the abuser nor the torturer but the one who rushes in to save the victim.  So long as these exist, I see only beauty in the world.

This is the child of the world.  She exists because they ran into the hell fires to save her.  She is watching you, will you destroy or will you protect?


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