Protect the Protector: A Wish


“Everything OVER THERE was cold, hard.  No softness.  Just sharp. Cold.  Hard.”

This piece was inspired by a Canadian Afghan-Tour Veteran and many other stories of those soldiers I have connected to, been deeply affected by.  So many soldiers come home to find their wife gone – it’s a fact and terrible to deal with when there is so much to come to terms with transitioning back to ‘normal’ from war.

This painting is about how important it is for us to provide that gentle, honest, vulnerable care, warmth and compassion to our Veterans, our Law Enforcement Officers, Dispatchers, Fire Fighters and Paramedics.  Those that step into the line of fire for us – we need to shelter them, with a gentle kindness, empathy and understanding.

It is also about the symbiotic relationship between the Protector and those that are Protected.  It is not about being a Man/Woman but rather the representation of those ideals.

The central figure is naked because to me that symbolizes honesty – devoid of subterfuge.  The wings are metal and sharp, both surrounding in love but also protecting, shielding.

The ORIGINAL of this painting as with all my originals with a lot of my originals will not be sold, but will go to a Veteran or Veteran Group.  If you are interested please message me privately.



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