PERFECT IMPERFECTION : A playful portrait of an OCD friend


I have an awesome friend who makes me laugh – he is a painter of houses and homes.  His focus on perfection is absolute.  He can see shadows in four layers of paint.

When he painted some of my walls for me (nobody ever wants me to help them paint a wall unless they want a piece of …. ummm… art?) he watched one or two of the paintings I’ve done for folk walk along their road to completion.  He stood with his mouth open, saying “I don’t get it.  I don’t get how your brain works, Kate.”  We talked a bit about art and what abstract art means to me, I showed him Mondrian’s work.  I’ve never seen lights go on so fast in somebody’s soul – abstract art finally made sense.

So I did this for him.  It is a portrait of him in perfect imperfect symmetry.


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