Henry’s Sunrise


Ever met an elf?

Ever met a child so full of magic and wonder, you stand there wordless in wonder at the power that one little person can have right from the get-go?

Ah, such is the way with all three children in this family. I could not nor would not choose a favourite amongst them. To be honest, I’d have to include their mother in their elfin number – a beautiful spirit full of the wonder and ability to see. See what there really is not that which is but the flotsam and jetsam of life. Check out Jade Photography, and you may understand.

Here is a painting that I painted without knowing why. But I HAD TO. Every day I smile at the thought that a little piece of me rests on their walls as they grow up, that there is a painting I simply had to paint is with them – I hope that means something, it must. Ripples in the pond of life make larger and larger circles of influence. So it is with everything we are.


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