Deb’s Hummingbirds


Ah!  What can I say?  “Can you put a hummingbird in it?” should not be that difficult a request, unless of course I am painting a massive Sky to Sea, North Shore, City, Beach-scape of monster proportions.  “Don’t worry.  Just put a dot somewhere and tell me it’s a hummingbird!”  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Now it’s one thing for me to make a joke about my abstract art and the often times self-obsessed garble I spout but … from one of my best friends?  Oh the hurt!  The pain!

So I give you: Deb’s Hummingbirds.  I told her to stick it on the wall beside the monster-scape (and I may have made a face  when I said it).


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