Break The Silence – The Sketch


My mind had one image; it played over and over again until I could vomit it onto paper.  Free it. At least, from the caverns of my brain.

Suicide is not a choice.  Suicide is not weakness or giving up.  Suicide is not an act.  Anybody who has stared down the barrel of their shotgun knows this – the fact that we are still here today has everything to do with luck, nothing to do with being ‘stronger’ or ‘better’.

Being invisible.  Being around the wrong people.  Being around those people that would like to  keep us broken.  These things will kill.

Reaching out.  Trusting that there is a soul out there that will understand, will see you through your vulnerable and will forget it, replace it with the new, renewed you at every step.  Those are the souls that are golden – the ones that will pull you up; push you to standing; walk by your side in silence.

I see you.

So happy that the original (smudgy bits and all) is going to an awesome Warrior and UK Veteran.  I love when a piece finds it’s place. Richard – I hope he speaks to you as he did me x.



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