I was commissioned to paint a bike themed portrait.

It proved to be an impossible task – almost. The idea of a bike for me is FREEDOM. Crazy, wild and free. I mountain biked through the jungles in Singapore, flying down ravines, narrowly missing giant lizards and snakes, cycling into forbidden territory and finding myself surrounded by a battalion of heavily camouflaged troops pointing large guns and a chinook hovering 20ft above my head. Bikes are about getting into and out of trouble at speed.

To try to restrict myself to the narrow precepts of the commission was so very, very tough. So I did this for Gypsy. I let all that energy just explode.

“I feel that it’s fun and stuff. It makes me feel good. My mummy made it. It’s beside my bed and it puts me to sleep at night. I like to stare at it. Sometimes I look at it and it makes me feel happy when I’m sad, it’s got lots of bike bits in it.”

There you go. My biggest fan. Got to love that.


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