Bee and Flower : Life and Death : A Painter’s Paradox


In our ongoing COLLABORATIVE WORKS Teryne Russell (Jade Stone Photography) and I did this study.  She challenged me to face one of my fears in this: I do not like painting flowers and I am deathly scared of bees.  So she combined both.  I love her explanation of what she saw in the painting I did of her work and what it meant to her:

“I usually feel a response but putting it into words usually comes out as ‘beautiful’ and thats it.  I appreciate the separation between bee and flower.  In my photo, they are clearly physically, and maybe, meaningfully connected. In your painting they are clearly separated but there’s still a relationship.  Bees are dangerous and need flowers for survival, separating them creates the contrast between life and death as bees are connected to life and death for you.”


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