Beautiful You


This painting is now happily (and for me delightfully) hanging in C’est Moi in Tsawwassen.

Henrietta (who owns C’est Moi) and I were both affected by a beautiful lady who was looking for an outfit for a trip to Montreal.  She was simply stunning.  Yet, she pulled at the clothes she was trying on and didn’t or couldn’t see herself as she is, was.  She chose in the end a plain black dress with black shoes, despite the fact that she had absolutely owned the blue and white she tried on, paired with the shoes Henrietta had chosen, she rocked.  When she left I asked if that was normal.  Yes.  People really do get super uncomfortable and unhappy with themselves in a clothes shop: they don’t see themselves as they are, truly beautiful or handsome.

So, I asked if I could do a painting for the changing rooms to tell them that they are beautiful.

We are as beautiful as we will allow ourselves to be.  Throw away that negative voice in your head, it is not your friend.  Listen to the kind, gentle, supportive one that sees the light and beauty in you each and every minute of every day.


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