African Bricks: Building Blocks of Love (Tekera)


When my friend, Shannon O., mentioned that her charity Tekera was doing a fundraiser I asked as usual if they’d like a painting to auction.

I started to look at the photos that Shannon shared of the school they had built and the work that they did.  That Pink Floyd song “one more brick in the wall” kept playing in my head until it and one of Shannon’s favourite painters (Klimt) took over.  For me this is about building a community, educating children for a better tomorrow.

The main figure is female because by educating women in poor communities we guarantee better futures of their children.  Each of the colourful brick represents one more household enriched by education.  The colours and textures come from my African childhood, whilst the school house itself is minimal – which is all about how little the outside of things matter.  All that is gold is held within, not without.


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