Cops hold a very large chunk of my heart.

I have produced some quick and simple to choose from designs that can be personalized with badges, ensignia and uniforms or can create one offs that encapsulate a career spent serving others.

For Commissioned Pieces I Charge As Follows:

Pre-Designed Pieces:
Choose from a selection of pre-designed pieces and add personal detailing (badge numbers, hat, uniform, ensignia, etc)
Unique Design:
Work with me to produce a unique design (this will involve emailing/texting back and forth, photos for me to work from, etc)

On either traditional canvas or wooden canvas (I always use a minimum of 1″ Gallery Border – as in the canvas sticks out from the wall by at least that, I generally finish it in black or Prussian blue). Takes longer to deliver but requires you to work with me.
Oil on Traditional Canvas:
Oil takes forever! But worth it if you have the time to wait – it takes six months from the time I finish the piece to when I can seal it. Again, this is a unique piece which would require quite a bit of backwards and forwards between us.


Sizes of pieces can vary within reason. Shipping is excluded from the above prices, and the bigger the piece the more expensive it will be to ship to you! I don't like to work on less than 18" by 24" (if I sketch out the piece first it is generally done on 9"x12" Artboard in pencil or pastel).