Israel has a 2% rate of PTSD.  North America has a rate in excess of 30%, with 43 attempted suicides a day in the US military, of which 22 are successful.


Mefloquine has NEVER been the drug of choice for the Israeli Army; but then they don’t have canon fodder to spare, Duty of Care is something they actually care about.

Let me tell you the story of Mefloquine, a neurotixcant that leaves 20% of those who take it with permanent brain damage (lesions on the brain stem) and 70% with common side effects (reference the Danish Navy for these gems Study on Mefloquine Long-term.pdf).

Around the time of WWII Quinacrine was created from Quinoline which is a lovely neurotoxicant, and the psycho-active ingredient in Mefloquine (Lariam).  Quinoline is a psycho-tropic.  From Quinacrine came Chloroquine (a drug I was given, sadly with pretty horrendous side effects as well).  Vietnam War arrives and Chloroquine doesn’t work, so the US Military chemists (WRAIR) get busy with 25,000 odd concoctions of that psycho-tropic neurotoxoicant Quinoline and booh yah! they create Mefloquine.

From the get go nobody bothered with keeping a tab on the side effects.  Mefloquine was shoved down the Vietnam soldier’s throats and any psychosis put down to battle fatigue/shell shock/PTSD.

WRAIR partner up with Hoffman-LaRoche who are given the license, the patent and now start to manufacture this little poison pill.  It’s marketed to European travellers in 1985 and the FDA license it in the USA in March 1989.  CDC recommends it for use as antimalarial prophylaxis in March 1990.

(Side note: Dr Remington Nevin US Army Major pulled out a box of Mefloquine from a garbage bag on the way to deployment in Iraq (attached as medic to 82nd Airborne), led him to question and research the drug.  It gets super interesting when senior CDC staffer Paul Arguin takes umbrage at the articles being written by Dr Nevin, and the resulting FDA action of putting a BLACK BOX warning on Mefloquine/Lariam.  CDC were not about to comply and worked hard on a smear campaign on social media against Dr Nevin.  Yes this does read like a terrible spy novel.)




1992/1993 Canada licences and gets busy with Mefloquine.  Their approval of the drug is based on a collaborative study, which has been proved to have been both severely flawed and superficial in the extreme, between WHO and Hoffman-LaRoche.  In this study dated 1989 1/10,000 were claimed to be affected by adverse side effects: which we now know is ludicrous and the word malfeasance sneaks in.  Shareholders forced LaRoche to dump the licensing – money doesn’t like this kind of liability.  Check out the FDA commentary on Mefloquine and CDC response to it!  And to put this into context remember that the Dallas Sniper was given this delicious concoction of psychosis: a normal loving guy turns psychotic cop killer.  Follow the dots straight to the CDC folks.

Back to Canada.

Lancet Vol 341: May 22, 1993 stamps Mefloquine (Lariam) with approval based on the now debunked original WHO/LaRoche study and hearsay.  Yes, hearsay: “analysis of side-effects is based on self-reported events”.

The Peace Corps could have assisted with real data, but they didn’t.  They shipped all their people suffering from side-effects of this drug to one hospital, one floor in that hospital.  Gave them a month to get better and if they didn’t, they were shipped home, door slammed and no reports done.  Shame that.  Opportunity missed.  Lives that could have been saved were not.

Now in the 80’s and 90’s there is widely circulating reports of adverse side effects: sadly, again, ignored by those who should have been listening.

The cost of malaria preventative medicine for the Canadian Military deployment to Somalia in Dec 1992 to June 1993 would have been $45,000 per week.  But LaRoche gave DND the drugs for FREE!  Military loves free stuff and that’s how the Mefloquine Drug Trial began on the Canadian Airborne.  A Drug Trial which should have been monitored and recorded for Health Canada.  It wasn’t.  DND told Health Canada to go spin its wheels, no data would be forthcoming, forcing Dr Michele Brill-Edwards to become a whistler blower, knowing full well that such a drug trial had been part of the LaRoche/Health Canada/DND agreement.  Health Canada approved this yummy little death pill in April 1993 despite their Senior Health Director screaming no!

What happened then in Somalia?

Oh now it gets super sticky.  Muddy and the pig swill is stagnant.

Canadian Airborne had for the longest time been a thorn in the side of the Canadian establishment who viewed it as an expensive hangover from by-gone days.  More likely given its elite status those who did this heinous act of sabotage were simply not good enough to join the Airborne.  Funny how personal grudges affect national policy?

Without any warning or choice all the Canadian Airborne deployed in Somalia are fed this neurotoxicant.  March 16th, 1993 the Bunker Incident.  Clayton Matchee beats Somalian Shidane Arone to death.  E Kyle Brown runs from senior officer to senior officer asking for help to stop the beating.  Clayton is arrested for the murder of Shidane, and is found hanging in his cell.  He now lives in a vegetable state, constantly hounded by no less than CSIS.

Honestly, I couldn’t make this shyte up if I tried.

It gets worse.  Hold on.

Kyle?  The Airborne trooper running around trying to get help to stop Clayton?  He is arrested and put on trial.  Sent to prison for 5 years.  The investigation into what happened?  Oh that’s shut down.

Airborne is disbanded.

Dr Barry Armstrong was the medic attached to the Airborne in Somalia.  You should check out his statements around this event where he CLEARLY points to the side effects of Mefloquine as being responsible for the psychosis witnessed in this event and others.  All of which of course, were hushed up, swept under what is now an alarmingly lumpy carpet at DND.


I’m just going to step back now to the whole “testing” of Lariam/Mefloquine.  The basis for so many Canadians (civilians and military) being fed a clearly dangerous neurotoxicant that will cause 20% of its users to suffer permanent brain damage and 70% suffer the “common side effects” (which people are not pleasant or short lived).  You should check out


Not pleasant reading is it?

Mid-2000’s Canada sends troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Guess what drug they give them?  That’s right. Despite all the information, the reports and doctors screaming “STOP!” 90% were given Mefloquine.

Now are you seeing why Canada has such a higher rate of PTSD and Suicides in its veterans sent to those foreign wars?  Of course, it would be great if we had actual data on this but we don’t.  We don’t because DND and VAC won’t collect it.  God forbid that DUTY OF CARE would be taken seriously.

For context on just how malfeasant DND is: US Army Surgeon General Deputy Assistant 2009 “drug of LAST choice”  Army banned it for Green Berets, Rangers, Psychological Ops, Civil Affairs.  Go figure. So just south of the border they work it out, but here in Canada?

What happens if your brain isn’t affected by PTSD but by a brain injury caused by Mefloquine?  First off?  The treatments given for PTSD won’t bloody work, in fact, they will make your symptoms worse.  I could go on, but really?  You need to connect with the International Mefloquine Veterans Alliance. You know those “crackpots” that CDC referenced in their memos, aka ONLY responsible adults in this particularly grim playground of malfeasance.

So what is needed?

  • VAC Outreach – every client (veteran) the VAC has needs to be sent a fully researched and complete guide on Mefloquine (they can get all they need from Dr Nevin and IMVA).
  • DND has the DATA and needs to make it available.  Every soldier given Mefloquine is on a list in the DND.  It needs to be released to Health Canada and VAC.
  • Health Canada needs to send that same information to Canadian Pharmacists, who insanely are still working off the data released in February 1991!  Un-fucking-believable.

And everybody needs a solid kick up the arse for their total lack of understanding the term:




The photo is of Cpl Scott F. Smith (Smitty), son of Val and Wayne.  He died on 25 December 1994 in Rwanda having been given Mefloquine, “Mom I am sick of being sick.”  Repeatedly reported adverse effects from the drug but was ignored, as per.  He spoke to his Mom shortly before his death, he had plans to meet up with his best friend and they made plans for when he got home.  He was happy.

One thing I know from my work with suicide intervention is that those who plan suicide have no plans for tomorrow.

He died by suicide as a direct result of being given the drug Mefloquine.  DND denied it.  They even refused to pay for his insurance since he’d taken his own life.  He was on anti-depressants for gods sakes.  Even in the lethally flawed documentation available on this drug it clearly states that nobody being treated for any psychological disorder should be given Mefloquine.  NEGLIGENCE on an astounding level led to this man’s death.  Worse still is the fact that his Mother was unaware of his having been prescribed anti-depressants by DND!  Had she known she would have pointed out that they and Mefloquine are clearly cited as lethal in combination.

The thing about mothers, DND, is that we don’t forgive the killing of our children.  So it might be twenty years on but she kept everything.  Those documents which prove your malfeasance in his death are now safe in the hands of those “crackpots”.   That lumpy carpet is about to be picked up and everything you hid under it is going to bite you in the ass.

Those documents which give precise details of all those involved and the monstrous levels of malfeasance that has caused so much misery, suicides and deaths are going to give mothers of those who died answers and the peace they have fought for.  You didn’t just take their sons, you took their grandchildren and their futures.


Kate Gillie

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