We met through a relation of his.

Kate, he said, you’re going to get on great with …


Because you’re just as much of a …

Kind of kidding.  And really kind of not.

What does a career in Corrections do to you?  Do you come out of the end of it and see the world as a Disney paradise?  Yes.  Yes of course you do.  Just like ANTIFA are all about peace, love and acceptance of all races.


Danno is a man who fights the demons of his experience.  I often lose my shit when I read one more ignorant article on “segregation”.  I would very much like to put every single (so called) journalist into the general population of a prison with one of those they have adamantly “fought” to be put… in the general population. Good luck you idiot journalist.  Do you really think corrections officers put completely harmless individuals into seg?  You are literally the epitome of amoeba-marxist-manequins.

My best friend is a Corrections Officer.  She is an incredible human.  A single mum who is as rounded, as strong and as incredibly amazing as one could hope to be.  She is literally my hero in life.  I fear for her every single shift.  She worked seg for years.  She worked surveillance.  Now she is on the mental health unit.  I watch and I see the chips that are taken out of her.  We both have two girls.  We both give our children all we have.

I worry for her and I see how much more of a human she is than I am.

She does what I cannot.

And so too did Danno.

This painting I did for him I hope tells his story.  I will not tell it now as the painting is done and it needs to go out there into the world without a narrative from me.  It will either make sense or it will not.

Danno, I thank you for your service.  My children thank you.


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