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Matisse Inspired Dog Portrait: friendship in chaos

This commission of Jade, a beautiful chocolate brown labrador, is for a young lady who has been through her share of life’s difficulties.  Matisse lost his ability to paint in the last ten years of his life which inspired him to seek out other avenues of creation: this was the start of what are now iconic cut outs. For me the cut outs are a symbol of human triumph over adversity.  They signify the struggles in life and are bright beautiful tokens of belief in the our ability to overcome.  I placed Jade in the centre of the chaos as she is in life, a friend that can be counted on no matter what.  I hope I captured the intensity of her eyes when she looks up at her human Mom.

The Mystical Properties of Colour

The painting above is of Mount Baker, done in the style of Lawren Harris, founder of the Group of Seven: an artist who first painted landscapes with a critical eye and focus on an exact replica of what was before him, before abandoning that to simplifying form, interpreting landscapes through a spiritual lens.  I began to wonder about Harris and his influences, his colour theory which sits uncomfortably with mine: it was one of the issues I had doing this painting was fighting my own impulses and instead see the mountain through his eyes. Isaac Newton’s theory of colour rests in the fact that light alone is responsible for colour.  A theory he came to by setting up a prism near his window: light enters the prism and is refracted by the glass, violet is bent more than yellow and red, so the colours may be viewed separately.  His theory…

One Day in the Sandbox for Don Sorochan

Don Sorochan is a renowned defence and constitutional Canadian lawyer who happened to have a couple of neighbours who’s kids were blown up, shot up or damaged whilst serving for the Canadian Armed Forces.  He was horrified to discover just how little Canada cares for those who have served when they become useless and injured. He decided to do something about it. So EQUITAS was born and a fight for Canadian Armed Forces personnel began that has seen Don work tirelessly, alongside his old firm Miller Thomson, for the fair treatment of Canadian men and women over the last five years. I wanted him to have something that told the story of those men and women he fights for.  And this, as best as I could do, is it. ( – for more details of his incredible man) The day I tried to represent in this piece was…

Sex and all that shyte

Why write PTSD & Sex? Because my mates asked me questions and I wanted them to know they were not alone. The questions that came after we posted that blog on PTSD & Sex? Shitcups.  Brian will be writing a response to those questions tomorrow, but I wanted to get a wee bit ahead of it and start the conversation.  Uncomfortable silence ….. How about those canucks? The quotes are comments from me.  (Brian) One of the biggest questions/statements (painfully detailed sometimes and my heart aches for those of you who have shared with me) I received from women revolved around the same issue: a feeling of failure to perform as requested or expected, a strong need for personal space that as a mother and wife is very difficult to come by and a welling resentment that we are on duty 24/7. the failure to perform as requested or expected…