The greatest gift I have from life, other than my family and friends, is the ability to tell another person’s story, place it for all time in a piece of art and remove that burden of carrying it anymore.  That doesn’t mean that all my commissions are dark or emotionally charged, far from it.  Most are landscapes or a portrait of an individual in abstract or as an animal or with animals.  BUT it is a deeply personal experience and everybody carries something within themselves that is better placed on the wall than carried everyday.


The title piece expresses a homesickness for New Zealand and a love of the sea, of family and a need for peace.


Art is healing.  It saves lives.


I chose the piece below because it was done for a beautiful woman whom I met by luck one day on Twitter, just as quickly as she appeared she vanished.  I knew she was in trouble.  An Australian Navy Veteran she was a survivor of extreme trauma and a fighter, but I knew her ability to fight was running low.  So I painted.  I painted and I painted.  I posted this, each day as it came together.  Trying to connect the pieces of her experience through that gift I am lucky to own, yet sometimes hurts as it heals others.


She returned when it was finally finished.  She had survived.  She had watched.


Knowing and seeing that there was a human on this earth who got it.  Who understood.  This is what art can do.  When portraits are done in abstract, landscape or animal form they are no less important to me nor personal for you, but less understandable to the casual viewer.


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