Abstract Commissions


Please email with a brief outline of what you would like, with an idea of dimensions (including depth as often these are sculptures as much as they are paintings).

I generally charge between $150 to $200 for my time and material used, depending on the complexity of the piece.

I do not deliver until I am satisfied that the person who has commissioned it is deeply moved by it and loves it.

Please remember that post and packing for pieces like this can be expensive as I have to carefully wrap, box or crate them. If going outside Canada I will send from Blaine Washington US which reduces the costs of shipping.

Oil or Acrylic ABSTRACT

Two dimensional and without the texturing, sculpture and layering aspects of a multi-media piece. Please email your ideas, thoughts on what you would like.

I tend to charge $150-200 or my time plus materials, post & packaging.

I do not deliver until I am 100% satisfied that you love your piece. Email kate@kategillieart.com